Home environment and academic performance

And it will also serve as a documentation of facts for historical purpose and records. Recipient of qualitative education are usually distinguished in their field of endeavour.

The home climate is a strong indicator to the aspiration and academic achievement of our children. Today, most parents are not highly involved in early academic acquisition of their children. Wilson suggested that family environments were much more in influencing adolescents aspiration.

Environment according to Oxford Advanced Dictionary is the natural conditions like land, air and water in which plant and animal live and also circumstances affecting their lives. We hear a lot of talk today about how schools have failed. Some of these basic needs of students are reading materials like textbook, note books, mathematical set, and four figure tables and so on.

The study was limited to eighteen secondary schools with adequate sample and sampling techniques and for the purpose of data collection, the questionnaires were designed and administered to the parents and students.

This is made up of various denominations in the school environment today. So unstable family may lead to poor academic performance of the students.

Another importance of this research is t hat it serves as a literature for future research students and researchers. Whether the student academic performance has relationship with the size of the family to which the belong.

Home is widely assured to provide a conducive atmosphere that will help the child in learning. This is the totality of economic factors such as employment, income, inflation, interest rate, productivity and wealth that influences the buying behaviour of customers in schools. Based on the findings, the following are recommended: Family size and type d.

The researchers therefore made recommendation based on the data collected and analyzed which we feel would be helpful to improve the efficient and effective to home environment on the performance of secondary schools student in Imo State.

It is this home climate which socio-economic status, deliquesces facilities, marital status had effect on the educational achievement of the senior secondary school.

Early literacy development is a significant part of preparing children to achieve academically. The level of literacy generally among these pars is still very low.

There are a lot of distraction encountered while studying at home, such distraction include playing music during study, noise from the younger ones, chanting with parents or engaging on issues that are not related to the study.

What gives the family its character are children. As a result of the great need for training of the young people, the government has come into guide and helps the home and schools this great task by providing the national policy on education which contains the national objectives for education.

If the educational level of the parents influence the academic performance of the students.

Academic Performance Of Secondary School Students – The Effect Of Home Environment

The family is also the most personal for nothing is more than the interaction and relationship between members of family, since unmarried couples are bound with such ties. What is the mystery surrounding the disparities in the performance of student from different homes learning under the same school environment.

Home Environment and Academic Performance Paper

Home is first enduring environmental factor in promoting readiness for school work in the child. Significance Of The Study The research study discussed the influence of home environment on the academic performance of the secondary school students. These limited resources include finance, time and also lack of accurate information from the students.

There is also clear distinction between the gifted children and offers, but even at that there are factors that influence the academic of both gifted and non-gifted children which can not be traced to the school environment. It enhances the growth and development of a nation. Knowles pointed out that the aspect of the environment which all theorists consider very important for effective learning is the riches and accessibility of resources human and physical materials.

therefore against these backgrounds that this study sought to determine influence of home environment on academic performance of secondary school students in Adamawa State. The environment is the immediate surrounding in which the pupils find themselves.

It is also referred. wards. Furthermore, in pupil’s home environment some factors that influence their academic performance in English Language include: parental educational. The Influence Of Home Environment On Academic Performance Of Secondary Students In Enugu North Local Government Area Of Enugu State.

Abstract. This research works “the influence of Home Environment on the Academic Performance of Secondary School Student in Enugu North Local Government Area of Enugu State” is designed to find out the impact of home environment on academic performance.

The Influence Of Home Environment On Academic Performance Of Secondary Students

Most people hold the view that home environment of a child affects his academic performance. Today, most parents are not highly involved in early academic acquisition of their children.

In the home mothers are the first teachers, they are care giver and minder of the child during the critical period of their development, though fathers do as. Keywords: Home environment, Factors, Academic Performance Introduction A home is a place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.

HOME ENVIRONMENT AND ITS EFFECT ON ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE AMONG SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS. CHAPTER ONE. Background of the Study. The academic performance of any student cannot be separated from the home environment in which the child lives, healthy home environment offers emotional security to a child.

Home environment and academic performance
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